2018 Pontiac G8

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2018 Pontiac G8

2018 Pontiac G8 –┬áPontiac G8 is a rear-wheel drive sedan produced by Holden in Australia and then exported to the United States, sold by Pontiac. G8, Holden Commodore, was actually released in early 2008 to 2008 years of model in the United States and in 2008 for the 2009 model in Canada. Production was interrupted in mid-2009, after the decision to suspend the GM Pontiac brand. While it is possible, carry out in the formation of Pontiac G8 Pontiac Bonneville, which stopped production after the year 2005 model, and Pontiac Grand Prix, which stopped production after the 2008 model year. The G8 is a full-size Pontiac car first from Bonneville and GTO coupe last sold in 2006.

2018 Pontiac G8

From December 2008, the rear wheel of the G8 not has become a substitute for sale it is expected that the previous model, with 11,000 G8s unsold stock for and sells only 13,000. During the 2009 global economic crisis, the market price fell by $ 3000-5000 below sticker price of GM car. In July 2009, there are only 5,000 G8s sold in inventory, with almost 30.700 for sale.

The G8 in the first four-door rear-wheel drive sedan sold under the name of Pontiac since 1986 Bonneville and Parisienne. However, at the time of the launch of Pontiac G8 rear-drive Solstice they offer. Then it just stopped. GTO, also uses rear-wheel drive design. GTO was another product of Holden, known as the Monaro in Australia, reuse and rebadged for consumption of the United States. Production was discontinued in 2006 due to new United States safety regulations and abolished all over the world support the new platform of Zeta that is based the G8.

2018 Pontiac G8 Specifications

G8 base, called in the sales literature the Pontiac “G8 sedan”, available with a 3.6 litre engine high feature V6, producing 256 HP (191 kW). GM is that the transmission is only available is a jar of five-speed automatic 1.5 l 40-E; officer of fuel is rated at 25 City 17 mpg-United States (14 L / 100 km) Highway mpg-United States (9.4 L / 100 km).

2018 Pontiac G8 Interior

The base G8 models come standard with six airbags (including full length side airbags), traction control, electronic stability control, dual exhaust, 18-inch alloy wheels (equipped with pneumatic performance all season or summer), sports body kit, fog lights, power windows and locks, seats of black fabric and a seven-speaker audio system, cruise control including a guest speaker, only disk CD player, and an additional input jack.

“Comfort and sound” package available on V6-powered G8s, which updated the sound of seven speakers and air conditioning system controls the 11-speaker audio and automatic climate control that is located in the GT model. Cloth package “Premium” seat sedan to improve the seating surfaces, driver and passenger heating seats, adjuster’s six-way power driver’s seat, electric 6 front passenger seat adjuster positions, rear center armrest, gear lever lined in leather, leather & GT standard leather-wrapped steering wheel. G8 GT and use the basic “FE2” suspension package.

The G8, as well as GTO two doors that preceded it some model years have both been based on different versions of the Holden Commodore SS, a car that is held in high esteem in Australia, where it has been met (and directed). any structural or other members may be about the same as before (only harsh and points columns glass-ceiling location remains the same), have in many cases became practice materials steel or exotic-grade. Many of the pieces that were previously made of steel which is now aluminum.

2018 Pontiac G8 Front Angle

The entire electrical architecture antique car goes, also in support of the Global GM with architecture, which allowed the SS to take some of the latest technology of GM as the head-up Display and active safety systems. This is good news, as when we speak of last line 2018 Pontiac G8 we see controls, screens and connectivity are below par for a time.

A new steering gear, too and an interesting story. For the electrical system, they will appear on other GM products in the future (and already installed in some Camaros), GM turned to the mounting system rack command, South Korea.

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